Our Mission

We strive to maximize the potential of persons with disabilities to become independent, well-rounded, self-confident individuals.
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Military Family Center Programs and Services

Programs and Services

Horsemanship Sessions:  
Spend one-on-one time with the horses, and discover how they view the world and what lessons we can learn. Sessions are typically held on Wednesdays. Topics include the power of the herd, the silent language of the horse, the importance of authority, safety from the horse’s point of view, and dealing with an ever-changing environment. We also provide sessions for groups that may be interested. Email Tammi for more information or to register.

Counseling and Exercise Programs:
We also work with local providers for individual and family counseling services, as well as individual and group exercise programs, all at no cost to our MFC participants. 

Check out this video of one of our participants!