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We strive to maximize the potential of persons with disabilities to become independent, well-rounded, self-confident individuals.
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Employment Services




It is all about you! Your Path to Employment is special and different from any other person’s Path to Employment. Let us help you find your way. We are preparing clients for the workplace by providing them the opportunity to discover what career path is right for them, and evaluating their skills and abilities. 


JOB DISCOVERY: “Discovery” is a way to find out what you are good at and what you like to do! In your Discovery program, you will learn about your community, different jobs, try different job tasks, and meet people who work at different businesses. Discovery is a “hands on” and active way to find out what kind of job is right for you.

CAREER EXPLORATION: “Exploration” is designed to help you explore specific employment options. In your Exploration program, you will meet with and interview business owners or people working in jobs that you choose to explore to find out what they do. Your Employment Specialist at Pegasus Farm will help you come up with questions to ask about training required, rates of pay, and provide you with opportunities to watch someone on the job to see if it’s a fit for you!

JOB SEEKING SKILLS: Our Job Seeking Skills program at Pegasus Farm will help give you the tools you need to get a job.  We will help you respond to potential job opportunities.  Part of this service is showing you how to look for jobs online, how to create a resume and cover letter, how to call and follow up on applications or after an interview, and practice interview questions. Your Employment Specialist can help you develop the skills to get the job you want.

COMMUNITY BASED ASSESSMENT: A Community Based Assessment is basically a job trial.  We find you a location where you can work (and get paid!) for a two-week period. This helps you decide whether a work place is right for you, and to make sure you are ready for a job.  Your Employment Specialist will provide you with feedback on your abilities, work behavior, and preferences to make sure employment is right for you.

ON THE JOB SUPPORT: You already have a job? Great! Your Employment Specialist can help you develop tools that will help you learn your job and perform it to your fullest potential.  We can help you build relationships with your manager and co-workers, and adjust to the work setting.  This can happen on site at your job or one-on-one at Pegasus Farm.  This service can be available to you for up to 90 days. On the job support is also known as “job coaching”.

TRAVEL TRAINING: Travel Training is used to show you how to travel independently, whether it be in your own vehicle or by public transportation.  We will look at your needs and make recommendations based on where your barriers and strengths are. Some examples of travel training would be studying the bus schedules, learning how to purchase a bus pass, what to do if you get off at the wrong stop or miss your stop, and knowing the rules involved with riding a bus.  Your Employment Specialist may even provide assistance by actually demonstrating and riding the bus with you to your desired location.


For more information or to schedule a meeting, please contact:

Amanda Hite, Employment Specialist

(330) 935-2300 ext. 116