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We strive to maximize the potential of persons with disabilities to become independent, well-rounded, self-confident individuals.
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Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is the main focus of equestrian activities at Pegasus Farm. Students from ages 3 to 70 participate in weekly one hour group lessons. Each lesson includes learning about horsemanship theory adapted to participants needs. Students are encouraged to become as independent as possible in their riding skills. They are matched to a horse that best meets their needs and learn how to groom and care for their horse. Some students may choose to participate in unmounted lessons focusing on skills such as working effectively with their horse on the ground and herd management. Lessons are held in our heated indoor arena, outdoor arenas, adapted trail course or on our woodland trails.

Carriage Driving

Pegasus Farm offers carriage driving to those who may not be suitable for horseback riding or to someone interested in a different equestrian discipline. The benefits of carriage driving are similar to riding. Individuals in the driving program gain increased trunk control and stability as well as improved core strength. Driving various patterns and obstacle courses improves listening and memory skills, spacial orientation, timing and hand and arm control. Drivers are able to drive in our heated arena and around the Pegasus property which gives an increased sense of freedom and accomplishment, as well as increased self-esteem. Carriage driving offers a unique experience that individuals can share with others.

Vaulting Program

The Pegasus Vaulting Club was formed in 2000. The club is known as a unified team made up of Pegasus Farm Take Flight program participants and community youth. Equestrian Vaulting is a unique and growing equine sport which combines dance and gymnastics on a moving horse. It is a very effective way to develop coordination, balance, strength, and creativity while working in harmony with the horse.

The horse, coach, and vaulters work together to instill responsibility, teamwork, self-confidence and leadership. Vaulters are taught strength-building and stretching exercises. They learn to mount and dismount safely using fellow teammates to spot (assist) when attempting more difficult moves. Any move or exercise is first perfected on a stationary vaulting barrel before they are performed on the horse. Vaulters perform moves not only individually but in pairs and even triples.

Past members testify that their vaulting experiences were instrumental in instilling personal confidence and passion in pursuing their goals and dreams. They have gone on to successful careers in public broadcasting, physical therapy, special education, and business.

The vaulting team serve as ambassadors for the Farm by making frequent appearances throughout the community. They have performed to a wide variety of audiences.

Veterans Salute!

This program was established in 2007 and continues to provide various equestrian activities for Veterans of all ages and abilities. Veterans may participate in riding, carriage driving, unmounted horsemanship, or they may choose to volunteer with our Veteran participants. Each Wednesday afternoon is dedicated to our Veterans as they spend time involved in equestrian activities and/or visiting with each other in the Canteen, enjoying coffee, snacks and supportive conversation.

As with all of Pegasus Farms equine-assisted programs, the Veterans receive physical, cognitive and social benefits from the services provided. Physical benefits include: increased (re-building) strength, increased stamina, increased range of motion and mobility. Psychological benefits include: increased self-confidence by learning new skills, increased ability to react in a calm manner to sudden changes in environment and opportunities for socialization.

Because of the generous support of organizations such as the Austin Bailey Health and Welfare Foundation and the Cleveland Foundation as well as individual donors, Pegasus is able to offer this program at no cost to Veterans. Pegasus Farm is honored to be able to offer equestrian programs to our men and women who have served our country so faithfully.

Individualized School Programs

Pegasus Farm hosts a variety of therapeutic equestrian experiences that are designed to meet the specific interests and needs of students who have special needs. These programs may consist of one-time activity or a series of sessions that may include riding, carriage driving and/or unmounted horsemanship lessons. Pegasus Farm is pleased to work with individual school districts or classroom teachers to offer this service to students.

Day at the Farm

The Day at the Farm experience provides a fun and educational day for groups of ten or more, age ranges preschool to senior citizen. Each Day is custom designed to match the specific interests of the group and may include: tours of the farm, learning about and spending time with the horses and small animals that live on the farm, barn games, crafts, and enjoying the playground and pavilion.

Partnership Programs

Partnership programs involve a formal relationship between Pegasus Farm and another professional organization, working together to provide a meaningful experience for youth who experience behavioral challenges. Horse related activities are conducted by certified Pegasus instructor staff who work in collaboration with staff from the partnership organization to deliver instruction and experiences that result in greater self awareness, increased self-confidence, social connectedness, and personal insight.

Current Partners

The Child and Adolescent program is an equine facilitated mental health program provided in partnership withChild and Adolescent Behavioral Health. The goal for each student is to build positive traits through developing horsemanship skills and to build an awareness of the importance of community service.

The Leadership and Resiliency program, in partnership with Quest Recovery Services and local high schools, offers students the experience of working with horses to promote the development of self-confidence, to build appropriate relationships, and to set and accomplish personal and team goals.

The CORRAL program is a ten-week summer program provided in partnership with Stark County Family Court. Participant youth are selected by the Court. During each session, youth focus on developing horsemanship skills that can be generalized to promote: the development of coping strategies, interpersonal and non-verbal communication skills, improved self-awareness and positive leadership skills. 


This organization has a list of other therapeutic equestrian programs throughout the country – logo with link.