Our Mission

The mission of Pegasus Farm is to create a community that holistically supports and empowers people with diverse needs through therapeutic equestrian programs, vocational services, and recreational and social activities.
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Do you need previous horse experience to participate in the Take Flight program?

No, you do not need to have previous experience.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, there currently is a waiting list for services. However, Pegasus staff work with families to place participants in an appropriate class as quickly as possible. The majority of applicants wait an average of 4-6 months to begin classes.

Do I need a doctors release to be eligible?

Yes, you will need to have your doctor sign a release to participate.

How do I know if my child will like this activity?

As part of the initial assessment process, applicants are introduced to horses and to the sights, sounds and smells of the barn. There are times when it is determined that a child is not ready developmentally to participate, but he/she may be better suited at another time. Pegasus staff are happy to work with parents to ensure the program will be a good fit and positive experience for their child.

What equipment is needed to participate?

All participants must wear an ASTM/SEI certified riding helmet and appropriate heeled footwear (no tennis shoes). Pegasus Farm does carry a variety of sizes in helmets and footwear that may be used while at the Farm.

How long and frequent are the lessons?

Lessons occur weekly and last approximately one hour. Classes are organized into four sessions annually with a weeks break between each session.

How much do lessons cost?

Pegasus Farm charges $39.50 for each lesson. This rate is greatly reduced from the actual amount of $85.00 it costs the Farm to provide the service. The difference is made up from donations, grants, and fundraisers. Pegasus Farm accepts Family Support Service funding from local County Boards of Developmental Disability. There are a limited number of scholarships available for those in need.