Our Mission

The mission of Pegasus Farm is to create a community that holistically supports and empowers people with diverse needs through therapeutic equestrian programs, vocational services, and recreational and social activities.
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Lucas is eight years old and has been riding at Pegasus for three years. He's gotten physically stronger, but strength is not all he has gained. Read more of Lucas' story. 



Allison was just four years old when she began riding at Pegasus. Now, 30 years later, Pegasus is still a part of Allison's life. Read more.



Alex started riding at Pegasus at the age of three. He was diagnosed with severe autism and is visually impaired. Alex has made so many improvements in his seven years of riding--his vision, following directions, interacting with other children and expressing his feelings for the horses. My favorite improvement is watching Alex grow and discover more about what he can do and become more independent. My dreams for Alex become more realistic as I watch him change and grow every year with the program.

Beth Morehouse, Parent of rider Alex Morehouse

By far the greatest benefit is the horses movement affecting my leg muscles memory on how to walk, from my waist to my feet. With multiple sclerosis, the nerve pathway to the muscles is damaged, so leg muscles have no brain power telling them how to move. A horse walks much like we do, making movement more natural. I can now get out of my scooter and use a walker and 98% of the time, my core control has improved, making it possible for me to stand without holding on to something, even pick something off the floor. I could not do these things before coming to Pegasus; I have so much more stamina, balance and courage!

Barbara Krause, Adult rider

I believe all military veterans have emotional or visible wounds.  I returned from Vietnam with no visible wounds.  Volunteering at Pegasus with fellow veterans helps me deal with the emotional scars, through communication with the veterans and through grooming the horses.  Memories you don't want to relive can be told to the horses.

Jerry Mong, Volunteer (Veterans Salute! Therapeutic Riding Program)

About eight years ago, a friend approached me concerning the possibility of volunteering some time at Pegasus Farm, helping out Doris the resident gardener. Knowing my love of gardening, she thought we would be a perfect match. As it turned out, we were, and that first summer gave me an introduction into what has become one of the most rewarding experiences in my volunteer life. 

From tending flower beds in the summer, to an ever-changing variety of office tasks after the gardens have been put to bed for the winter, my hours at The Farm are highlighted by the exceptionally dedicated and caring people I am lucky enough to spend time with each week. I feel blessed to even be a part of the beautiful place that is Pegasus Farm.

Ann Becker, Volunteer

I really like working with the staff in the garden and The Pantry. They keep me working and I like that.

Richard Motz, Participant (Wings Adult Day Services Program)

Volunteering at Pegasus Farm has been an amazing experience, one that I will never forget….Not only have I made friends with the amazing volunteers, but I’ve formed special connections with the students I work with; seeing them benefit from the program is so rewarding. I am glad I got involved, and plan to continue my service with Pegasus Farm for as long as I can.

Paige Lautzenheiser, Volunteer, College Student

Working with the horses at Pegasus, I have experienced the most significant therapeutic return. There seems to be an immediate application and identification of changes that need to happen in and by the program participant.

Cathey Mitchell, PO with Stark County Family Court (formerly with Quest Recovery Services)

Four years ago, my good friend Ann Becker asked me if I would be interested in volunteering at Pegasus Farm. This was the beginning of many happy Wednesday mornings, first helping in the garden and then with office duties. Pegasus Farm is one of the friendliest places you could spend time helping others. Ann and I leave every Wednesday saying, "What a nice morning we've had!"

Pam Proctor, Volunteer